Sri Lanka safety

The situation in Sri Lanka stabilized even more in the second half of 2022. During the summer of 2022, travelers appreciated that they had almost everything to themselves, even in very popular areas. In July and August, they already had … Read More

sri lanka itinerary travel

Sri Lanka itinerary: North-Central ring

Sri Lanka Itinerary Discover north-central ring of “RajaRata” with beaches, ancient cities, Sigiriya rock, Kandy with elephant sanctuary and mountains around Ella. Day 1 Transport to Kalpitiya After arrival to Colombo airport we bring you to Kalpitiya within 2.5 hours. … Read More

Drone in Sri Lanka

Flying drone in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka drone laws are little strict, but with this article can enjoy flying your drone. We tell you how to register drone, how to get permit and what to remember. Drone in sri lanka Updated on: August 22, 2022 … Read More

Sand Dunes Sri Lanka

Unique Sand Dune Dune Towers resort is neighboring with sand dunes. You can watch it from your room or walk over to reach the beach which is just 200 meters far.  Sri Lanka sand dunes are rare. From Alankuda to … Read More

Sri Lanka flight tickets

Sri Lanka flight ticket

Flight ticket to Sri Lanka Sri lanka tickets at the lowest price? This procedure has worked for us: Find the tickets that suit you on this search engine Check the individual results on Skyscanner and then on the website of … Read More

Sri Lanka without travel agent

Sri Lanka holiday without travel agent

Sri Lanka without travel agent easily and cheaper You would like to visit our beautiful island of Sri Lanka, but you are afraid of how to plan your trip properly, not to forget anything and not to be cheated by … Read More

Trips and Tours around Dune Towers Kalpitiya

What to do in Dune Towers in 7 days

Go to Sri Lanka Traveller Blog home If you ask yourself: what to do in Dune Towers during longer stay of 7 or more days, you can be sure that that there is a lots of to enjoy. Many of … Read More

Tuna steak meal

Enjoy Srilankan Cousine

Meals served within Sri Lanka differ very much from place to place. Most of the normal restaurants serve Rice Curry (rice with various dips of chicken, fish, vegetable) and a few other meals which are very similar from restaurant to … Read More

Speaking sihalese

Sri Lanka has two official languages: Sinhala and Tamil. During the interaction with local people you might appreciate knowledge of following words of Sinhala (most commonly spoken): Hi A-yu-bovan or simply Hello (Many) thanks (bo-ho-má) stúti Please Ka-ru-na ka-ra-lá How … Read More

Golf in Sri Lanka

Where to play golf in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers variety of golf courses in coastal and mountain areas as well. You can visit the oldest golf club opened in 1891, enjoy the course at the coast or within colder upcountry. You find more information for example here. … Read More