Sri Lanka safety

The situation in Sri Lanka stabilized even more in the second half of 2022. During the summer of 2022, travelers appreciated that they had almost everything to themselves, even in very popular areas. In July and August, they already had … Read More

Drone in Sri Lanka

Flying drone in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka drone laws are little strict, but with this article can enjoy flying your drone. We tell you how to register drone, how to get permit and what to remember. Drone in sri lanka Updated on: August 22, 2022 … Read More

Sri Lanka flight tickets

Sri Lanka flight ticket

Flight ticket to Sri Lanka Sri lanka tickets at the lowest price? This procedure has worked for us: Find the tickets that suit you on this search engine Check the individual results on Skyscanner and then on the website of … Read More

Sri Lanka without travel agent

Sri Lanka holiday without travel agent

Sri Lanka without travel agent easily and cheaper You would like to visit our beautiful island of Sri Lanka, but you are afraid of how to plan your trip properly, not to forget anything and not to be cheated by … Read More

when to go to sri lanka

Weather Sri Lanka

Question When to go to Sri Lanka has very simple answer: anytime! The only factor is which parts of Sri Lanka do you prefer: When to go Kalpitiya? Anytime! Kalpitiya is true year round destination since it is located in … Read More