Sri Lanka holiday without travel agent

Sri Lanka without travel agent

Sri Lanka without travel agent easily and cheaper

You would like to visit our beautiful island of Sri Lanka, but you are afraid of how to plan your trip properly, not to forget anything and not to be cheated by anyone. With us, a holiday without a travel agent is a piece of cake. We have been visiting Sri Lanka for almost 10 years and in addition to many wonderful holidays we have built a family resort in the middle of coconut plantations and beautiful wild beaches without people. Not only will we be happy to welcome you here, but we will also prepare a complete “Sri Lanka holiday without a travel agent” schedule according to your preference.

Sri Lanka holiday: key questions

We will advise you on how to plan and organize all details so that you can see everything you want. Download our eBook. If you are already clear on this:

contact us or give us a call and we will be happy to help you with everything and help you plan everything in detail.

Before you go

Before you travel, it’s crucial to think about how many days you want (or rather you can) spend in Sri Lanka. Also which part of the year – see our article When to go to Sri Lanka.

You can start looking for tickets accordingly. The most popular flights from Europe are Emirates, Qatar Airways or Turkish Airlines, which offer top comfort and are a bit more expensive than other variants. You can also fly with Fly Dubai, which tends to be cheaper. On the other hand, it does not include unlimited food and entertainment, there is also less legroom.

You can also find a number of more complex connections, such as the journey through Frankfurt, Vienna or London, which make sense especially if you also want to visit these places. has worked best for us to select tickets at optimal prices and with a minimum of transfers.

Once you are clear on your tickets, you can fine-tune the exact program with us.

After you come to Sri Lanka

It often happens that you realize on the spot what you would like to plan differently. Does not matter. At Dune Towers, our manager Thanseem will take care of you at all times, ready for any changes and situations. Depending on your wishes, weather and other situations, they can quickly reschedule your trips, massages or meals so that you can make the most of your holiday.

Sri Lanka offers plenty of experiences

Dolphin watching Alankuda
December to April


from our beach, optionally with snorkelling

scuba diving Kalpitiya
December to April


boat and equipment included

$85/2 dives
Mangrove Kalpitiya Sri Lanka boat tour
December to September

Mangrove Boat Tour

half-day trip with experienced guide

Orcas in Kalpitiya

Whale Watching

Whale Watching Sri…

from 150 USD/group
Wilpattu safari trip
December to September


incl. accommodation near gate

$230/2 persons
Kalpitiya Sri Lanka Safari
December to September

Kalpitiya Jeep Safari

with our jeep and guide

Trips and Tours around Dune Towers Kalpitiya
12 month a year

Alankuda Lakes

chose:, jeep. guide.

FREE or more
Nature Dune Towers
nearly daily available

Sand Dune Night Walk

walking guided tour starts after dinner

Wild nature in Dune Towers, birdwatching
daily available

Bird Watching

more than 200 species within our garden or around

sand dune kalpitiya

Vysoká písečná duna

průvodce na vyžádání

Wild beach around Dune Towers
12 month a year

Beach and Indian Ocean

swim, sunbath, walk, watch sunset.

beach volleyball Dune Towers
daily within Dune Towers garden

Beach Volleyball

Sport in Dune Towers, Table tennis

Stolní tenis

včetně vybavení

Sunset watching
daily available

Sunset watching

from Sand Dune or our rooftop terrace

st. Anne shrine Thalawila

St. Anne Shrine Thalawila

walk to the largest church

January to March

Turtle watching

local beach

donation appreciated 🙂

Enjoy our Yoga lessons or join the Yoga Retreat organized by Dune Towers.

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