Dune Towers – beach resort, Sri Lanka

Dune Towers – beach resort, Sri Lanka

Kalpitiya jeep tour

Kalpitiya jeep safari from Dune Towers is memorable experience

Kalpitiya jeep safari

If you're looking for an adventure off the beaten path in Sri Lanka, a jeep tour across the Kalpitiya peninsula organized by Dune Towers Resort is the perfect way to explore this beautiful and remote part of the island.

You will most of Kalpitiya attractions and places of interest:

  • Kalpitiya town (big buddha statue, Fort, Dutch church)
  • St. Anne church (largest catholic church in Sri Lanka)
  • Salt plantations
  • Shrimp farms
  • Buddhist temple
  • Hindu temple
  • Mosque Norochcholai
  • Traditional farming
  • Fishing village
  • Lagoons and lakes with mangroves

The locations can be adjusted according to your preferences.


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Located on the west coast of Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya is a hidden gem that’s still relatively untouched by tourism. With its pristine beaches, shallow lagoons, and ancient temples, it’s a destination that’s perfect for those seeking a true taste of authentic Sri Lankan culture.

At Dune Towers Resort, we offer a variety of jeep tour packages that will take you off-road and into the heart of Kalpitiya. You’ll ride in a comfortable, open-air jeep, guided by an experienced driver who knows the area inside and out.

One of the highlights of the tour is the chance to visit remote villages that are off the tourist trail. You’ll meet the friendly locals and learn about their traditional way of life, as well as sample some of the delicious local cuisine.

You’ll also have the opportunity to explore the beautiful lagoon, which is teeming with marine life and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. 

Another highlight of the tour is the chance to visit some of the hidden beaches that dot the Kalpitiya peninsula. These virgin beaches are pristine and untouched, offering a serene and peaceful environment that’s perfect for relaxation and reflection.

Finally, you’ll have the chance to explore some of the ancient temples that are scattered throughout the area. These temples are steeped in history and culture, and offer a glimpse into the rich spiritual traditions of Sri Lanka.

When you return to Dune Towers Resort after your jeep tour, you’ll be treated to all the luxuries and amenities of our resort. 

Overall, a jeep tour across the Kalpitiya peninsula with Dune Towers Resort is an unforgettable adventure that’s perfect for those seeking an authentic and off-the-beaten-path experience in Sri Lanka. So book your room with us today and get ready to explore the hidden treasures of Kalpitiya!

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