Dune Towers – beach resort, Sri Lanka

Dune Towers – beach resort, Sri Lanka

Scuba driving tour Sri Lanka

Looking for an unforgettable vacation that combines nature, adventure, and relaxation? Look no further than Dune Towers resort in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka. With its stunning natural beauty and exciting activities, this resort is the perfect destination for anyone seeking a truly unique travel experience.

Scuba diving

tour in Sri Lanka will make your trip unforgettable

One of the main draws of Dune Towers is its world-class scuba diving tours. Sri Lanka is home to some of the most stunning underwater landscapes in the world, and the resort’s scuba diving tours give you the chance to explore them up close. Whether you’re an experienced diver or a complete novice, there’s a tour that’s right for you.

For those who are new to scuba diving, Dune Towers offers a variety of beginner-level tours that will teach you the basics of diving and let you explore the waters around Kalpitiya. As you gain confidence and experience, you can move on to more advanced tours that take you to deeper waters and show you even more of Sri Lanka’s stunning underwater world.

Of course, scuba diving isn’t the only activity on offer at Dune Towers. The resort also organizes dolphin, whale, and turtle watching tours, giving you the chance to see some of Sri Lanka’s most amazing marine life up close. And if you’re looking to get even closer to nature, the resort offers a range of eco-tourism activities, including birdwatching, mangrove tours, and cycling.

When you’re not out exploring the natural wonders of Kalpitiya, you can relax and unwind at Dune Towers. The resort’s luxurious accommodations are designed to help you feel completely at ease, with spacious rooms, comfortable beds, and all the amenities you need for a truly relaxing stay.

So if you’re looking for an adventure-filled vacation that lets you experience the best of Sri Lanka’s natural beauty, look no further than Dune Towers resort. With its unbeatable combination of scuba driving tours, wildlife watching, and eco-tourism activities, this resort is sure to be the highlight of your trip. Book your stay today and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

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