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If you ask yourself: what to do in Dune Towers during longer stay of 7 or more days, you can be sure that that there is a lots of to enjoy. Many of beautiful attraction you can find directly in our village Alankuda, some others within Kalpitiya peninsula. We are ready to prepare a tailored agenda for you. You just need to share your expectations and preferences of each member of your family or group.

This article just provides basic overview of the most populat options.


Day 1

You can little explore numerous fruit trees within our garden. There is 13 varieties of banana, papaya, coconut palm trees, guava, pomegranates, jack tree, vanilla and more 20 others. Visiting the beach and swimming in Indian Ocean is a must. 

Day 2

Relaxing massage of your head and shoulders, feet or full-body massage. 

 Day 3

Go for one-in-a-lifetime experience and meet mega-pods of 1000 Dolphins which residing in front of Dune Towers seas. Little further into deep water, there is a chance to see whales.  After short relaxing, you can go for our special night walk around our garden and nearby sand dune shrubs to see sleeping birds, hares and maybe more…

Day 4

Nearby Puttalam lagoon has much to offer. Our popular mangrowe boat trip includes visit of local fishermen, to explore endless mangrowe waterways our guide switch-off the engine and moves the boat just with the long stick. This allows to watch egrets and storks without disturbing them. Experience the survivor on a desert island for a few while. With our snack, of course.

Day 5

Have fun during beach volleyball match with your family or group. If you have not enough players, don`t hesitate to ask our manager to join you.  Evening, we transfer you for the next day adventure.


Day 6 

Early morning you enter the gate of Wilpattu to enjoy safari trip within the largest and oldest National park in Sri Lanka. Its main attractions are leopards and sloth bears, but you will see much more. Peococks, monkeys, buffalos, elephants are just a few. Usually, we meet spotted deer sometimes sambar, wild boar, crocodile, turtle, land monitor and many kind of birds. Afternoon, we bring you back to Dune Towers.

Day 7

Take our bicycles and visit the village. Afternoon you can have stop at nearby Alankuda lakes for birdwatching. Our manager can guide you there if you prefer or you can use our jeep to get there.   

Watching the fire sparks in the nights is higly relaxing. We arrange the fireplace at your request.

Feel to share your preference, so we can adjust the agenda according to your stay length and other wishes.

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