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If you’re planning a trip to Sri Lanka, learning some basic Sinhalese phrases can be very helpful. While many Sri Lankans speak English, using a few local phrases can make a big difference in making connections and experiencing the culture. In this article, we’ll teach you some essential Sinhalese phrases for tourists, from greetings and introductions to ordering food and asking for directions. Whether you’re visiting Colombo or exploring the countryside, these phrases will come in handy during your travels. So, let’s get started!

Sri Lanka has two official languages: Sinhala and Tamil. During the interaction with local people you might appreciate knowledge of following words of Sinhala (most commonly spoken):

HiA-yu-bovan or simply Hello
(Many) thanks(bo-ho-má) stúti
PleaseKa-ru-na ka-ra-lá
How are you?ko-ho-ma-dá?
Good morningSu-bá u-dá-sa-nak
Good eveningSu-bá san-dya-vak
Good nightSu-bá rá-try-jak
My name is ….Mage nama ….
How much is it?Eka kya-dá?

For those of you, who are the language enthusiasts, there is a great website for Sinahala learners named Lazy but Smart Sinhala.

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There are several ways for foreigners to learn Sinhalese phrases:

  1. Language classes: Taking Sinhalese language classes with a tutor or at a language school can provide structured learning and opportunities for speaking practice.

  2. Language apps: There are several language learning apps available that offer Sinhalese lessons, such as Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, and Babbel.

  3. Language exchange: Finding a language exchange partner, either in person or online, can allow you to practice your Sinhalese with a native speaker while also helping them improve their English.

  4. Self-study: There are plenty of resources available online, such as textbooks, audio recordings, and YouTube tutorials, that can help you learn Sinhalese at your own pace.

  5. Immersion: Finally, immersing yourself in a Sinhalese-speaking environment, such as by living with a host family or traveling in Sri Lanka, can provide the most comprehensive learning experience and help you quickly improve your language skills.

The best approach to learning Sinhalese phrases will depend on your individual learning style, goals, and resources available. However, any effort to learn and use local phrases will be appreciated by locals and make for a more enjoyable travel experience.

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