Dune Towers – beach resort, Sri Lanka

Dune Towers – beach resort, Sri Lanka

Whale Watching

Kalpitiya is hidden gem of Sri Lanka whale watching

Sri Lanka Whale Watching

In Kalpitiya you can watch more than 10 species of whales like Orca, Blue Whale, Pilot Whale,...

Whale watching boat trip

We organize Kalpitiya whale watchin boat tour for our guests occassionally. We usually start around 7.30 am directly from our beach 5 minutes walk from Dune Towers. We arrange the wildlife ticket for every passenger at cost of 8,80 USD (according to current government rate). The same ticket is need for the scuba diving trips in Kalpitiya or Dolphin watching which can be combined. 

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Kalpitiya Whale Watching Season

The area between Alankuda and Thalawila church is the best for watching the widest range of whales in Sri Lanka. At the same time you see the super-pods and mega-pods (hudreds or thousands) of spinner dolphins and rare pelagic birds. The best time to come is usually between November and April.

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Whale watching 2023

Pilot whales were already spotted, which one would you like to see...?

Would you like to stay with us?

Whale season Sri Lanka

Season for Sri Lanka whale watching is generally given by nice weather which mean calm ocean conditions (low waves). This is usually from September to April in Kalpitiya. 

Besides the general good conditions, it depends on whale species and your luck 🙂

You have good chance to see Sperm Whale from October to April, while Ocras can be seen from January to March and Blue Whales are mostly seen in November and April.

If you are nature enthusiast then you will love Kalpitiya. You can feel, watch and sometimes touch nature everywhere! You will see many birds visiting our garden and listen to calls of peacock, we will show you sleeping birds on our trees, you can spot eagle hunting for rabbit on our sand dune during times when you stay within our resort.

NewsFirst video

Boat and drone video of large group of Gentle Giants in Alankuda waters of Indian Ocean.

Rare Orcas in Kalpitiya

Have you decided? Have look at

If you’re looking for an unforgettable wildlife experience, a whale watching trip in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka is a must-try activity. The Dune Towers Resort in Kalpitiya offers a great opportunity to witness these majestic creatures up close and personal.

Located on the west coast of Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya is a prime location for whale watching due to its proximity to the deep ocean. The warm Indian Ocean is home to a variety of whales and dolphins, including the blue whale, the largest animal on earth. From November to April (while in November and April the chances are higher), these gentle giants can be spotted off the coast of Kalpitiya, making it the perfect time to plan your visit.

Dune Towers Resort offers a variety of whale watching packages to suit your preferences. The tours typically last around four hours and take you out to sea on a comfortable boat. The guides are knowledgeable and experienced, and will do their best to spot whales and dolphins along the way. You can expect to see pods of dolphins playing in the waves, as well as the occasional sighting of a blue whale or humpback whale breaching the surface.

In addition to whale watching, Dune Towers Resort also offers a range of other activities to make the most of your trip. You can try your hand at kitesurfing, which is a popular sport in Kalpitiya due to its ideal wind and wave conditions. Alternatively, you can explore the local fishing villages and markets, or simply relax on the beach and soak up the sun.

Accommodation at Dune Towers Resort is also top-notch, with a variety of room options available to suit your needs. 

Overall, a whale watching trip with Dune Towers Resort in Kalpitiya is an unforgettable experience that should be on every nature-lover’s bucket list. With its stunning scenery, abundant wildlife, and luxurious accommodation, it’s the perfect getaway for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse themselves in nature.

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