Dune Towers – beach resort, Sri Lanka

Dune Towers – beach resort, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka flight ticket

Flight ticket to Sri Lanka

Sri lanka tickets at the lowest price? This procedure has worked for us:

  1. Find the tickets that suit you on this search engine
  2. Check the individual results on Skyscanner and then on the website of each company
  3. When checking the ticket to Sri Lanka, click on the order procedure until the moment of payment, so that you can be sure that there is no surprise waiting. In the next steps, some companies charge mandatory fees for card payments, etc.

Srí Lanka flight tickets - hints

For flights from Europe, the following airlines are most commonly used for flights to Sri Lanka:


Flight to Sri Lanka - how long it takes

The flight from Europe to Sri Lanka alone takes approximately 10-11 hours. However, most flights have 1 stop. This is probably in one of these cities:

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Doha, Qatar
  • Istanbul, Turkey

Most passengers in Sri Lanka prefer the shortest possible transfer times and therefore these flights are the most expensive. It is worth considering whether to use the stop to explore interesting destination. This procedure worked for us and we enjoyed a number of nice day trips to these cities, which are full of attractions that can be visited within a few hours.

Additional charges to flight

Airlines and especially ticket agents offer a large number of services when ordering a ticket, which you often have to cancel manually, otherwise they will increase the price of the ticket. Typical examples are:

Higher fare

This is usually the first step when the airline offers you the same ticket in different “fares”, which differ in the baggage weight limit, priority check-in or eg flexibility for possible changes of dates – beware this is not cancellation insurance, which often applies only from certain reasons. In the aftermath, most companies offer full ticket flexibility at no extra charge. If you pay extra, you just throw away money.

Ticket cancellation insurance

You may have cancellation insurance included in your travel insurance, it is often part of credit card insurance, etc.

Ticket flexibility

You can often buy flexibility after the ticket, almost always for relatively significant amounts.

Seats next to each other

When ordering a ticket, it often looks like you won’t even see your loved ones on the plane without this surcharge. Our experience is that even at no extra charge, we always sat next to each other – but only if we bought a ticket together – that is, all the people on one ticket.

Luggage weight limit in Sri Lanka

The limits vary greatly from airline to airline. It used to be the custom for prestigious airlines such as Emirates and Qatar Airways to offer a baggage limit of around 30kg per person in both directions, but you can’t rely on this either. Be careful if the limit fits your real luggage needed. 

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